Buck Forage Oats vs Bob Oat

I am reading allot of forums on the Internet and there is some thing that I keep seeing allot of. People asking, is the Buck Forage Oat really worth the cost? I would have to respond with questions of my own.

What are you looking for in you food plot?

Are you planting for Deer or other herds as well?

Do you want you investment to freeze as soon as the temp drops below freezing?

Any time you get ready to plant a food plot, no matter what species you are feeding, you need to insure that what you put in the ground is what the animal needs. Do a little research on what you have “heard works” and make sure that it is backed up with sound research. Yes, believe it or not there is allot of research that goes into plant breeding. Buck Forage Oats and Chicory is what we use here at the facility because it works! We have had 7 nights that the temp has been below freezing and have had snow on the ground for a few of those days and the oats look great. Yes we do have a bob oat in the ground as well and believe it or not, they are already brown. I am not saying that the bob oat is not a good oat I am just saying that it is brown. I have also read an article that some one has posted telling the reader to taste the bob oat and compare it to the Buck Forage oat, as I recall this individual said the Buck Forage Oat was better tasting. When the Bob oat’s get tall they become “stalky” like a half boiled pot of asparagus. Well that is another reason deer will stop eating the bob oat as it get taller, it is like eating sticks (mow them down and they will eat them again). The Buck Forage Oat will stay more palatable to the deer all the way to the heading out stage.

I would love to hear from any one that has done any testing them selves on the Buck Forage Oat next to another cereal grain

Scott Roebuck


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  1. I religiously plant buck oats every year. This year I purchased the oats and went outside to find them loading another brand into my truck. I said, “hold on!’ “Those aren’t buck oats.”
    The guy at the feed store said they’re bob oats. The same thing, just another brand. I was very hesitant because of my luck with buck oats. I argued a bit, but he assured me they’re the same stuff. The price was the same, so I finally agreed to take them. They’re in the ground.
    Did I make a mistake? I’m a little worried.

  2. Dear Chris: You made a serious mistake and frankly the guy who told you that was unethical! Bob oats and Buck Forage Oats are not the same thing. Furthermore, if he charged you BFO prices, you got ripped off!!! Eighteen years of research went into the BFO variety (LA604), and Bob oats is about as old a variety as you can get. Bob oats will freeze out at temperatures way above BFOs, and the production and attractiveness don’t even compare. My suggest is you go see the guy and tell him you want your money back, and the BFOs. You still have time to replant, so please do. Sorry you were treated so poorly. Dr. Kroll

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