How well can deer see at night?

 I live in north west Florida. I have a question, how far can a whitetail see in the dark. No light, compared to a full moon light and how would you recommend getting out of a tree stand when deer are near and it is dark with out running them to the next county.


Dr Kroll; 

A whitetail can see about a million times better at night (with some light) than a human on the same conditions. This is because of two things. First, their pupils are larger. Second, they have a tapetum lucidum (mirror) behind their retinas that double processes light. If there is any moon, a deer can see well. In a full moon situation, they can see at night as well as we can in the day time. That puts them at a disadvantage in daylight, since they literally are “snow blind” under these conditions. That is what makes them so nervous during the day. When leaving my stand, however, I wait until totally dark if there are deer out there. That does give me a slightly better advantage.


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